SEG Show and Tape Replacement

Last week Zerowait was at the SEG show in Houston and it was a great show for us. We met with a lot of our Oil and Gas customers and the common thread we heard this year was that they need an affordable long-term storage solution that can grow with their requirements but not require expensive yearly software subscriptions and a data migration every few years.

Energy exploration is a global business and moving tape and data around to offsite locations can be quite difficult given some of the more remote exploration locations. Then, when you want to use the information, retrieving data from tape can be a slow process and require storage support technicians to locate and load the tape. That’s why SimplStor as a TapeReplacement solution makes so much sense. Using SimplStor, which is competitively priced with tape solutions, our customers have immediate access to their data storage and can eliminate the proprietary costs of software support and offsite climate controlled tape storage.  As I have said before our customers are pretty savvy and more every day see the advantage of a low cost SimplStor archival solution using open source software with the tier one support of Zerowait behind it vs. the expense of ongoing software licenses, tape storage, and maintenance costs of a tape solution.

Last week we also announced our new partnership with RedHat, offering both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Storage Server.  Many of our largest customers already have a relationship with Red Hat and by creating a formal relationship with Red Hat for our SimplStor and SimplStor Cloud products we can provide our global customers the options of using CentOS or Red Hat depending on their preferences. As a service and support organization Zerowait is always focused on providing our customers with long-term solutions that will scale with their requirements, and we are pleased we can now offer single point of support for SimplStor with Red Hat.

As part of our ongoing efforts to scale up our support for both NetApp and SimplStor products, we are adding another Field Storage Manager in our Texas office this week. Texas and the Central USA are growing markets for Zerowait and our customers have been asking us to increase our engineering presence in the area to help with data migrations and management of their growing NetApp and SimplStor infrastructures.

As our customers continue to scale up their storage infrastructures, the demand for our assistance continues to grow and storage support services are now the largest part of Zerowait’s business.
Tape Replacement, NetApp support, SimplStor archives with single source support for both hardware and Red Hat software, Zerowait has solutions to help you get the most from your IT budget. Give us a call today and let our engineers show you how.
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