Zerowait support across the USA

At Zerowaitclient map we do a tremendous amount of NetApp support and last week one of the members of our engineering team plotted the locations of our current support accounts in North America. As you can see, our customers are spread out across the country, with most located in what is often referred to as the “NFL Cities”. As Zerowait’s customer list has grown over the years we have had to do a lot of traveling to provide our customers with ever improving service and support. Recently Zerowait has been adding Field Storage Managers where we have the largest customer concentrations. Our FSM’s are storage engineers that help our customers’ improve their storage infrastructure efficiency by extending the life cycle of their current storage equipment or by helping our customers with our affordable NetApp upgrades and SimplStor storage products. Over the next year we will be adding more FSM’s to our team to help our customers deal with their ever growing data storage requirements.

While other storage vendors concentrate on unit sales, at Zerowait our focus is on service and support. There are options to the expensive forklift updates/upgrades offered by the Big Storage companies, and our focus on support has resulted in Zerowait customers across the USA and Canada that rely on our hardware, service, and support.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable storage support solution I hope that you will give us a call so that we can add you to our map of satisfied customers.

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