Getting off the NetApp train at cDot Station

netappTrainEvery week we receive inquiries from NetApp customers who are not going to upgrade to cDot. They are looking to extend the life span of their 7 Mode Filers until they can find a viable solution to migrate to or they just want to keep their current infrastructure running for the foreseeable future. Sometimes organizations just need more time to decide what to do, and often there isn’t the staff with the expertise available to handle intricacies of a data migration.

The forced migration to cDot has caused NetApp customers to reevaluate what they should do as new technologies become mainstream. Data migrations are rarely easy, and often take longer than predicted. Are you getting off the NetApp Train at the cDot station, or are you staying on-board the NetApp train to the next stop?

There are lots of options available and over the next few weeks we will review some of them on this blog to help you make your decisions.

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