Make No Changes

“Those that know don’t speak, those that speak don’t know” is an expression I hear often from engineers when we are discussing their legacy network and storage infrastructure. The New Year came in with a bunch of economic surprises and many of our customers are working under a new budget which includes no new equipment purchases. I was corresponding with a customer this week and he is working under a strict guideline that permits no changes to his NetApp storage systems.

The folks that have told the engineers that there will be no changes, don’t seem to realize that the firmware and software on the networks and equipment are being updated regularly to comply with insurance business continuity rules and best practices. Often when data fails to process, the engineers are tasked with tracing packets to find out what is going on, and it is always an emergency. If they speak up they are told there is no budget to replace the infrastructure and they must find a way to make it work. The rickety networks continue to get patched and the engineers know they need hardware support and experts on call and so they get a Zerowait support policy because they need someone to call when the $h!t hits the fan, and they can’t serve data.

Our customers around the world depend on their data infrastructure for their business success and they depend on Zerowait’s engineers’ knowledge and ability to keep their data flowing. Our engineers are NetApp trained professionals and we maintain inventory on three continents to provide our global customers uninterrupted service and support


If your company is under a capital expenditure freeze due to business conditions but you need affordable NetApp support and additional NetApp hardware for your storage infrastructure growth, we hope you will think of Zerowait. At Zerowait we maintain the inventory to support and help you grow your existing NetApp storage. When you know you need storage and support, and it is time to speak up, Zerowait’s engineers will be ready to help you get your data flowing.

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