5 Star NetApp Storage and Support on a 2 Star Budget

A lot of our customers are being forced to reduce their storage budgets because of the poor/uncertain profit picture caused by globally volatile finance and markets. Although their budgets are being squeezed their requirements for high availability and additional storage resources continue to grow. Our savvy customers are finding ways to grow their storage infrastructure while reducing their support costs because with Zerowait as their partner they can dance to the beat of a new budget drumbeat without missing a step.

Recently I was visiting a customer in Oklahoma that is trying to match the requirements of growing regulatory and insurance requirements for onsite storage requirements with a budget that is being reduced because of the drop in Oil prices. The engineer I was meeting with mentioned that no matter what the market conditions are their storage requirements continue to grow and there is now no way that they can afford either new equipment or costly OEM support. By switching their support to Zerowait from NetApp, and by adding storage to his NetApp controllers with NetApp equipment from Zerowait, he was saving enough money to maintain his engineering staff and increase his storage even though his budget has been reduced.

While I was in Denver I met with a customer that complimented our engineering staff for solving some NetApp performance problems. The engineering manager and his staff had spent countless hours being shuffled around through NetApp’s support organization without a solution other than to upgrade their Filers. Upgrading their Filers and migrating to cDot was simply not in the budget. Working with Zerowait’s engineers the performance problems were quickly solved and by adding off lease storage to his current NetApp controllers he was able to meet the demands of his growing exploration and log files while maintaining his restricted budget

When I was in New York City with one of our engineering managers I met with a customer at a financial organization that had heard about our reputation and decided to try us out to see if we could help him solve his NetApp performance problems. After a couple of months of working through a few of their issues, the manager decided that our engineers were so good that he wanted to know if we could remotely manage and maintain his systems, since that is what we were doing anyway. We had a discussion about his environment and his growth expectations. Together we determined they really did not need a full time storage administrator and only required between 5 and 15 hours a week of support. He was able to get engineers with NetApp certifications and experience to manage his storage for less than it would cost him to hire a full time inexperienced sysadmin that would need to be trained in storage and NetApp.

As the business world gets more volatile storage budgets are getting more constrained and experienced storage engineering staffs are having to find ways to accomplish their goals by increasing the service cycle of their storage equipment while maintaining or reducing their employee costs. As a trusted partner with a staff of certified, trained and experienced NetApp engineers we look forward to working with you to provide the services and storage you need at prices that fit today’s cautious budgets.


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