Data migrations and moves without the hassle

As the year comes to an end many of our customers are looking at their data storage infrastructure and costs and making plans for data center moves and migrations for 2017. Whether they are looking to migrate a petaByte of data to a new platform or move their data center across the country they will need to make a copy of their data for safe keeping.  Some of our customers have looked at Amazon S3 as a backup and told us that the costs for the restore in case of a problem were cost prohibitive and exceed $30K per PB. That seems expensive.

Beginning with the NetApp Cdot migrations a couple of years ago, we have had several customers rent storage from us on a short-term or flexible term basis as “Swing” gear or just to make a backup in case there was a problem with their data migration or data center move. We have also seen many of our customers moving from NetApp to another storage solution if they can’t see an advantage to the upgrade to Cdot for their operations.  Zerowait can provide NetApp Storage as a short-term rental, or can supply our SimplStor configured as a UNIX or Windows backup repository. In addition to short term storage rentals, our engineers have extensive experience in data migrations and we have developed tool sets we can use that can help safely expedite our customers’ data backup and migration.

As part of a data migration and move plan there often is a recycling component for the excess equipment.  Our service options include equipment recycling and drive sanitization as part of the complete data lifecycle.

Whether you are upgrading to newer NetApp equipment or migrating off NetApp equipment completely in 2017, Zerowait has the equipment, experience and engineers to help you accomplish a data migration or move without the hassles you have experienced in the past.

Have a great holiday.

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