The Trend Indicates a Prosperous 2017

Since Zerowait runs on the calendar year as our fiscal year, every January we review our previous year’s performance and begin making our plans for the new year. We keep good records of our initiatives and the projects we are working on throughout the year and in 2016 we developed and brought to market our new SimplStor EVS surveillance and security storage product line that our large storage customers requested. Last year most of our business was based around our NetApp parts, support, and surveillance, and while most of our business was still in the USA and Canada, every year we seem to do a little more global business.

In 2016 we heard from many of our customers that they were very happy with their older 7 mode NetApp systems, and though they found the marketing for the NetApp Cdot upgrades interesting they saw no reason to upgrade. We also picked up a lot of new customers this year based on the referrals of some of our established customers, and they too were primarily looking to stay with 7-mode. There is a growing set of customers that are not going to upgrade, and they need a trusted support organization to maintain their critical business storage.

Zerowait’s SimplStor product sales grew again in 2016, and the line continues to grow as it competes effectively against products from the large storage companies. Our SimplStor installations continue to grow quantity and size as it earns the respect of our customers for reliability, uptime, and affordability. If you are looking for performance and flexibility instead of marketing hype, you should consider our SimplStor product line.

In 2017, we expect data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) to take a bigger slice of the storage pie. As devices begin to communicate more effectively there is going to be a need to manage, categorize and interpret the data that is collected. Whether you are using NetApp storage, or SimplStor as your data vault, you can depend on Zerowait’s engineers to provide you the right solutions for your storage issues.


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