Getting Off The NetApp Train


If the constant NetApp mantra of “UPgradeUPgradeUPgrade” is starting to wear on you like a relentless, never-ending chug of a train, maybe it’s time to get off at the Zerowait station!

Say you really like your FAS3270 and want another just like it for remote backup. NetApp says, “Nope”. “But we like our FAS3270!” NetApp just smiles. Well, although NetApp doesn’t like to admit it, Zerowait has off-lease transferable licensed systems like FAS3270s, FAS8060’s and more, typically for less than 50% of the cost of new NetApp. If you like your current systems and want a homogeneous storage infrastructure, NetApp systems with transferable licenses are the obvious answer.

Or, let’s say your FAS3270 is working great, but you have offloaded some of your storage requirements to Outlook 365, Salesforce or another provider. You don’t need bigger, faster, better storage; you just want to maintain the existing one for a couple more years. NetApp says, “Nope”. Planned obsolescence, big Smile. Luckily, Zerowait provides outstanding third-party service and support for legacy filers. Maintaining high availability storage doesn’t have to be expensive.

It could be that compliance with regulations and retention policies mean you do need to add large amounts of on-premise storage. You don’t need all of the bloatware that NetApp includes for premium prices. Zerowait will help your team migrate your data to our Custom Tailored SimplStor Platform and provide a generous trade in value for your end-of-life filers.

Zerowait has been helping clients purchase and maintain their NetApp equipment for 20 years and migrating them to our SimplStor Platform for almost a decade. Zerowait provides alternative solutions for NetApp customers!

Zerowait provides EOL support for NetApp filers!ONE — CDOT Special: Start any new NetApp CDOT support contract and get 15% off annual pricing.Applies to Old and New Customers. New system contracts only.

Licensed filers in Stock TWO – ONLY $4995! FAS3140 Cluster: ONTAP 7.3.7P3, A-SIS, CIFS, Cluster, Cluster_Remote, FCP, HTTP, iSCSI, LocalSyncMIrror, Nearstore, SM-Oracle, SM-SAP, SMBR-C, SME-2K3, SMSHAREPT, SMSQL, SMVI_VMWARE, SnapDrive_Unix, SnapDrive_Windows, SnapLock_ENT, SnapMirror, SnapRestore, SV_ONTAP_PRI, SV_ONTAP_SEC

We can add storage or quote systems with similar savings.

  • To see our Transferable Licensed Systems click here.
  • SimplStor Storage the affordable big storage solution THREE – 200TB SimplStor Windows HAServer – $38,000.
    This 4U Server offers true HA with Dual Controllers, Redundant Power Supplies, Hot Swap Drive bays and all the HA Features of Windows Server, including Take Over and Restore.

    • Each module includes 2 Intel ES-2609v4 Processors and 128GB RAM
    • Tiered storage includes 4 – 480GB SSD and 20 – 10TB-12Gb/s SAS drives
    • Includes 2 Windows Server 2012 or 2016 Licenses, with complete configuration to your application/storage parameters
    • Includes First Year SimplSupport – monitoring, 24/7 access to engineering, NBD (Next BusinessDay) part Replacement

    • Click here. to tell us more about your application, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

    Over the last twenty years technology has changed, and many storage and networking market leaders have come and gone, but Zerowait continues to grow because we put our customers’ requirements first every day.

    To set up a conference call to discuss your storage and support needs, please click on this link to contact us with a time/date, or simply give us a call at 888.811.0808.


    Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support


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