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Accidents happen. Data Breaches happen. Putting data storage on the Cloud doesn’t help. For all the hype by Dell/EMC, NetApp and others to send you down the Cloud Track, “out there” is still risky. And no one wants to talk about the associated bandwidth or restoration costs. If you are burdened with regulatory and insurance compliance issues, it’s a non-starter. That’s why many customers I talk to are not quite ready to let go of their on-premise storage and want to make what they have last a long time. Or, if they need to upgrade, they don’t want to be forced down the Cloud Track. Here are three ways Zerowait can help.

Zerowait provides EOL support for NetApp filers!ONE — Zerowait Parts Assurance (ZPA) is already a great deal, but this month when ordering, mention “RETURN, and get No Return Disks FREE!

Licensed filers in Stock
TWO – Supporting up to 4.4PB and offering 192GB RAM, the FAS6280HA is a 7-mode Powerhouse for only $13,500.

  • FAS6280HA – Dual controller
  • Features enabled: NFS, CIFS, FCP, ISCSI, CF, CF_Remote, Nearstore, ASIS, HTTP
  • We can add storage or quote other systems with similar savings.
  • To see our Transferable Licensed Systems click here.

SimplStor Storage the affordable big storage solution THREE – SimplStor is a top performer in affordable, customizable storage. Windows or Linux, 20TB or 5PB–there is a cost-effective SimplStor solution for you.

  • Starting under $10K with First Year Support.
  • 2U and 4U servers – up to 720TB in 4U
  • 4U shelves offer up to 1080TB
  • Click here. to tell us more about your application, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Over the last twenty years technology has changed, and many storage and networking market leaders have come and gone, but Zerowait continues to grow because we put our customers’ requirements first every day.

To set up a conference call to discuss your storage and support needs, please click on this link to contact us with a time/date, or simply give us a call at 888.811.0808.

Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support 


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