Not an April Fool’s Joke, Seriously!

Not an April Fool's Joke, Seriously!For over two decades companies have turned to Zerowait for affordable NetApp support and legacy hardware solutions. And now…drumroll please…you can get new ONTAP® systems from Zerowait as well!

You read that right, new ONTAP® systems from Zerowait, the world’s leader in budget saving NetApp solutions and support! This is not an April Fools’joke! And like everything else we do, you will not beat Zerowait’s price on a new ONTAP® system.

Zerowait has the best 24×7 NetApp support in the business, and at prices that won’t bust your budget. And we offer the even lower cost SimplStor systems for data storage needs that do not demand ONTAP®

New or refurbished, always guaranteed, do not buy another ONTAP® system without calling Zerowait for a quote! You will save thousands.

To set up a conference call to discuss your storage and support needs, please click on this link to contact us with a time/date, or simply give us a call at 888.811.0808.

Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support 
Affordable NetApp Monitoring!

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