FIVE Ways to Cut Your NetApp Spending Now

With the global economic impact of C-19, few will escape budget cuts. Plan ahead. Here are FIVE painless ways to cut your NetApp spending.

ONE –  Use third-party support. Zerowait 24×7 support is half or less than what you pay NetApp today. You can trust Zerowait, we have been supporting NetApp users for over two decades. And don’t cave under NetApp pressure to spend big on an unnecessary upgrade. Zerowait supports your existing filers even after NetApp’s “End of Support” date.

TWO –  Buy transferable licensed filers. Zerowait has been selling NetApp upgrades and systems for two decades. The capacity and performance you need at half the cost of new NetApp! Our filers are refurbished, configured to meet your requirements, always tested and fully guaranteed to perform like new.

THREE – Don’t fall into a costly Cloud Trap. Zerowait offers leasing rates and clever terms for On-Prem storage that will save your budget without the expensive surprises and risk of moving your data to the cloud.

FOUR – Eliminate expensive contractors & consultants. Let Zerowait’s NetApp experts augment your team during peak workloads or unavoidable staffing shortages, at rates half of what many others charge.

FIVE – Eliminate budget-busting propriety products. For more than a decade we have been showing companies how to migrate off NetApp and cut IT spending. Open source software on industry standard hardware paired with Zerowait support gives you an excellent storage solution at an unbeatable value. Custom built to meet your needs, SimplStor is feature-rich, fast, reliable and far less expensive than big-brand storage systems.

Call us at 888.811.0808 or email us to learn more about any of these cost reducing strategies. We can help! Zerowait has saved NetApp users around the world from budget busting disasters for over two decades.

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