It will NOT be business as usual



Many in IT are returning to work and finding it is anything but business as usual. Budgets are getting slashed. Most organizations are looking for creative, even dramatic ways to cut IT spending. And that is where Zerowait can save NetApp users BIG time.

For more than two decades Zerowait has been a trusted NetApp partner cutting your data storage spending by half and more. Save BIG on 24×7 NetApp support, monitoring and NetApp upgrades or expansion capacity.

Still want NetApp’s direct support? We have a large selection of refurbished NetApp systems with transferable ONTAP licenses (those that NetApp will recognize), all fully tested and guaranteed to perform as new at half the cost or less!

Never feel pressured into that unnecessary or disruptive filer upgrade ever again! Zerowait will support your existing filers even if NetApp has announced “End of Support”.

Many people will be returning to work soon, but few will find business as usual. Zerowait can help. We have been saving IT budgets around the world for over 20 years.

To discuss how Zerowait can help you cut NetApp spending, email or call us 1.888.811.0808.

Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support
Affordable NetApp Monitoring!

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