Storing Data Long-Term?


Do you have long-term data retention needs? Are you accumulating and storing information for five, ten, twenty years? My advice is NEVER NEVER NEVER use a proprietary storage platform! While the sales pitch may sound really clever today, those hooks in proprietary filesystems, custom firmware mods and unique hardware additions often become vulnerabilities, costly gotchas that you regret over the long run.

I’ve been doing this a long time, and I get dozens of requests from frustrated CIOs each year asking us to support a proprietary platform that has been orphaned after a corporate acquisition or killed off entirely with an unexpected EOL/EOS announcement. The astute CIOs realize that staying with an unsupported platform is not viable and with each passing year migrating off becomes even more challenging.

We help NetApp FAS/V/AFF owners solve the EOL/EOS problem every day, but companies who selected many other platforms can be stuck in a dangerous data dead-end. If your plans include a new storage requirement or you are retooling an existing workload, let Zerowait design a SimplStor with Linux that gives you maximum flexibility, longevity and data integrity. We never use proprietary technology in SimplStor builds, and we never cut off a customer with EOL/EOS.

Zerowait designs and builds SimplStor systems that are tailor-made to meet every customer’s on-prem storage needs. And after 21 years, our 24×7 support is the best in the business. Talk to storage experts you can trust. Call or email today, 1.888.811.0808 or

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