Retreat from the Cloud

One thing three decades in IT gives you is perspective. Over that time our industry has swung like a pendulum, into and out of dozens of computing trends. With the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine, I predict the next swing in that IT pendulum will be a retreat from the hosted cloud and rebuilding neglected on-prem capabilities.

The pandemic last year drove many into the cloud with stunning speed, some companies having no other alternative. After a decade of cloud marketing overhype to pave the way and then too little time for testing sample data sets or workload planning, companies simply dove into the cloud headfirst. Shocking budget overruns, mysterious service disruptions, performance disappointment, loss of control and finger pointing after successive security breaches are the all-too-common cloud complaints.

Zerowait provides an affordable on-prem alternative to the cloud. Not just less expensive, we are NetApp experts supporting customers like you for over twenty years. Let us help you stay on the platform you know and trust – and do it at a budget friendly price. Our 24×7 NetApp FAS/V/AFF hardware support is a bargain, even if your filer is EOS/EOL. We have a warehouse with replacement parts and expansion capacity for NetApp systems, even a large selection of controllers with transferable software licenses. Everything we ship is thoroughly tested by the NetApp experts at Zerowait.

What do you need to maximize your NetApp storage investment? Call or email: Zerowait can help. 1.888.811.0808 or



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