Retreat from the Cloud, Part 2



Last month I predicted companies would use 2021 to reinvest in neglected on-prem computing resources. The rush to the Cloud last year disappointed many:

  • Losing control of critical digital assets
  • Budget overruns
  • Finger pointing after each security breach
  • Frustrating service disruptions
  • Unmet performance expectations

Using the Cloud is like renting, not like owning. You surrender control and security to others. Don’t let a vendor push you into the Cloud prematurely. Think it through carefully, and ask “what could go wrong?” Some Cloud uses might be fine, while another workload or critical data could be quite risky. Like putting all your eggs in one basket, dependance on a single platform that you do not own could ultimately come back to bite you. Hard.

For over twenty years Zerowait has delivered budget saving solutions to NetApp users. Let us help you stay on the platform you know and trust. Our 24×7 NetApp FAS/V/AFF hardware support protects you even after your filers are EOA/EOS/EOL. Our biggest bargain is off-lease NetApp controllers with transferable software licenses. These systems are available at prices far below any equivalent capacity or performance new from NetApp and can be supported by NetApp or Zerowait. We even have a warehouse with replacement parts and expansion capacity for almost any NetApp system. All NetApp hardware we sell is thoroughly tested and guaranteed by Zerowait, the oldest name in NetApp third-party support.

Don’t have money to burn? Call or email, we have many ways to help on-prem NetApp users navigate hard choices during difficult times. 1.888.811.0808 or

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