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Zerowait  began supporting NetApp “filers” 24×7 twenty-three years ago. Back then NetApp was still a small company, the business potential was not as obvious as it might seem today. Honing our skills year by year, Zerowait became a trusted partner to hundreds of NetApp users, and we thrived. More than just the frugal choice, Zerowait engineering staff has earned a reputation for being NetApp experts, and today we are proud to have repeat customers around the globe.

In an ecosystem with surprisingly high prices, our 24×7 hardware support policies, NetApp expansion capacity, replacement parts and even entire systems with transferable software licenses are remarkable bargains. And Zerowait will support your NetApp FAS/V/AFF for as long as you would like, long after NetApp announces EOA/EOS/EOL.

And when you are ready to get off of those pricey proprietary storage systems entirely, we have an affordable on-prem NetApp alternative. With its impressive feature set, SimplStor has everything you love about NetApp without those high prices. And the time-tested team at Zerowait can help with your data migration.

If you need to cut IT spending but still demand top-quality products and expert support 24×7, count on Zerowait. Let’s talk, 1.888.811.0808 or

Trusted by NetApp users around the world for over two decades, Zerowait is the Oldest Name in NetApp 3rd Party Support.


Over 20 years providing NetApp Service and Support 
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