NetApp Users Love ZFS


Trusted 24X7 NetApp SupportGreetings,

Zerowait has been the affordable choice for 24×7 NetApp support and upgrades for over two decades. During that time ZFS has matured into a formidable challenger to any proprietary storage system.

We introduced SimplStor a decade ago to give customers a more affordable but new-built alternative to our legacy NetApp products. Configured with Linux and ZFS (or XFS or Windows Server if you prefer), SimplStor is a turnkey, built-to-order hardware and software solution backed by Zerowait’s proven 24×7 support that is fundamentally less expensive to buy and support.

Whether you need inexpensive long-term archival storage or a solution quick enough to keep up with your most demanding storage needs, SimplStor with ZFS gives you everything you love about NetApp, without the high prices!

  • Snapshots
  • Mirrors
  • Replication
  • Encryption
  • 24/7/365 on call engineering and support
  • Call home automated support
  • Extended service and support plans

Feature-rich, reliable, fast and including 24×7 enterprise-level support, SimplStor has it all. And Zerowait storage experts can plan your entire SimplStor deployment and data migration.

Trusted by NetApp users around the world for over two decades, Zerowait is the Oldest Name in NetApp 3rd Party Support.

I’d like to tell you more about SimplStor and ZFS. Let’s talk, 1.302.996.9408 or


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