Time to Upgrade the NetApp?




Time to upgrade your NetApp? Before blindly upgrading to the next over-priced filer, we have a far better choice. SimplStor Z has everything you love about NetApp, without the things you don’t. Far less expensive and none of that disruptive EOA/EOS pressure, SimplStor Z combines the power of Linux & ZFS with non-proprietary hardware to give you a feature-rich, reliable, fast, set-and-forget enterprise storage solution. Need snapshots, HA, replication, encryption or dedupe? SimplStor Z has it all. Purpose-built for your workload today with upgrades on the fly in the future, SimplStor Z is simple to manage and supported by storage experts 24×7.

Concerned about moving off NetApp? Don’t be. More than one hundred NetApp users have trusted Zerowait and SimplStor when it was time to get off that pricey proprietary storage system.

And your old NetApp has more trade-in value with Zerowait! For two decades we have provided NetApp 3rd party hardware support 24×7. With customers around the world, Zerowait maintains four NetApp spare parts depots. Parts from your existing NetApp systems can find a new home with other Zerowait customers.

Need to extend the life of your legacy NetApp system until time to upgrade? We do that for NetApp users every single day. Helping customers solve storage problems and reduce their IT spending is what we do. Let’s talk, 1.302.996.9408 or sales@zerowait.com.

Trusted by NetApp users around the world for over two decades, Zerowait is the Oldest Name in NetApp 3rd Party Support.


Over 20 years providing NetApp Service and Support 

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