Easy NetApp Upgrades!

Storage Upgrades and Migrations: Easy as 1, 2, 3.Zerowait will keep your NetApp running until you decide the time is right for a complete storage upgrade. We offer 24×7 hardware support, expansion shelves and expert NetApp help on-call, even after that dreaded NetApp EOA/EOS!

When it comes time for a new storage system, Zerowait has pulled together everything people love about their NetApp into a far better but dramatically less expensive solution. SimplStor Z has all the functionality, reliability, and ease of management, but SimplStor Z is fundamentally less expensive than NetApp to buy new, expand later and support for a decade or more. SimplStor Z’s core Copy on Write technology is generations beyond NetApp and those other overpriced proprietary storage systems. Another BIG SimplStor advantage, no disruptive EOA/EOS/EOL. Zerowait is a support business #1. For over a decade we have shipped SimplStor and never refused to support any of them.

Zerowait makes your new storage upgrade simple as 1-2-3.

1. Our Storage Architects work with you to plan every detail.
2. Zerowait gives you an attractive trade-in credit for your old NetApp hardware and we support your existing storage in-place until the migration is complete and data verified.
3. We completely erase and sanitize the data on any returned disks before your old components are repurposed by Zerowait to support other legacy NetApp users around the world.

We have supported NetApp users 24×7 for more than two decades. Our storage experts have helped over one hundred organizations move from pricey proprietary storage systems like NetApp onto affordable new SimplStor systems.

Want to learn more? Ready to see a SimplStor Z demo? Call 1.302.996.9408 or email us at sales@zerowait.com.


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