Pivot Time? Replace NetApp with OpenZFS

NetApp Upgrades Made Simple
Do you need to reduce your storage acquisition and maintenance costs? Are you tired of the issues with NetApp’s proprietary software and operating system? Times have changed: Linux and OpenZFS are full featured and secure. Additionally, Zerowait will help you migrate your data, offer an excellent trade in value for your Filer and provide you with a data sanitization certificate if you require it.We introduced SimplStor over a decade ago at the request of customers who wanted ONTAP-like capabilities in a far less expensive storage platform. Based on OpenZFS, today SimplStor Z checks all the boxes: snapshots, clustering, replication, compression, deduplication, and encryption. Plus, seamless integration with the cloud, the ability to add capacity or performance on the fly and a simple management interface complete an impressive list of SimplStor Z features.

OpenZFS is generations beyond WAFL. And SimplStor Z uses no proprietary hardware whatsoever, making it fundamentally and dramatically less expensive to buy new now, expand tomorrow and support for a decade or longer. Integrated by the storage experts at Zerowait, SimplStor Z pulls together all the elements that enterprise customers demand.

After 23 years of providing 24×7 NetApp support to global enterprise customers, customer care is in Zerowait’s DNA. In more than a decade of building SimplStor, we have never denied upgrades or support to any SimplStor owner. Think of it, no costly, disruptive EOA or EOS. Isn’t that a refreshing change? And there is no better partner in the world to help you migrate from NetApp to an affordable open storage platform.

Need an inexpensive replication target or a fast storage solution for your most demanding workload? Maybe you need something in between. SimplStor Z is purpose-built by Zerowait, so you get exactly what you need, and it will not bust your budget.

We would like to tell you more. To see a SimplStor Z demo or to discuss your needs with a Storage Architect, call or email, +1 302-996-9408 or sales@zerowait.com.

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