Cloud Costs Out Of Control?


Cloud billing is notoriously treacherous and purposely incomprehensible. How many times have you received an egregious bill for your cloud services and thought – wait, what? API calls, PUTs and GETs, oh my.

With the introduction of our new SimplStor Z open data platform, Zerowait can provide any combination of on-premise, remote, and hybrid infrastructure solutions that prevent billing surprises while dramatically reducing ongoing costs

SimplStor Z systems provide immutable read only snapshots that significantly undermine cryptoware and ransomware attacks and provide near instant recovery for business continuity. Military grade FIPS 140-2 encryption is optionally available for the most demanding environments.

Our team of engineers and business analysts will review your current situation to provide immediate insights into reducing your operational complexity. We will suggest optimizations and solutions to reduce costs that you can implement right now. You will save a lot very quickly.

Call us at (302) 996 – 9408 or email us to schedule a cloud cost conversation for you and your team. Zerowait has the answers.


              Zerowait is the Answer!



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