ONTAP Version Translation Made Simple


Recently, some of our NetApp ONTAP users asked for our help in solving the hassle of snapmirror version incompatibilities. What they wanted was to easily move their different versions of ONTAP data between their different filers. By leveraging SimplStor Z’s native capabilities we created a simple solution and toolkit that enables you to migrate snapshots between all version of ONTAP. Call us today for a demonstration and more information. If you have questions, Zerowait has the answers.

We would like to tell you more–call or email, +1 302-996-9408 or sales@zerowait.com.

Are you tired of waiting on hold and then getting a support engineer that doesn’t have a clue? Zerowait has expert storage support, engineering, global spares, and support plans to meet every budget. We will answer your questions and solve your storage issues quickly!

Looking for a Simple Affordable storage solution for your Cloud,On-Premise and VM’s? Zerowait’s SimplStor is the answer! If you choose to migrate to our SimplStor Z we will provide a support bridge for your filers, help you migrate your data, and take your excess equipment in trade when the migration is complete. Zerowait has a turnkey solution that makes data migration easy and affordable.

If you have storage questions, or need technical or storage admin support, Zerowait has the engineers with the correct answers!

+1 302-996-9408 or sales@zerowait.com.



Zerowait is the Answer!

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