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Help is at hand!It used to be easy to simply upgrade or migrate to a newer NetApp solution when the time came. Now, however, supply chain interruptions have made it horrendously difficult. Not only are OEM’s determined to squeeze price increases at every opportunity, the wait for product delivery is 3-6 months! Meanwhile, you need to do something about your data storage, right?

First, Zerowait Parts Assurance (ZPA) can keep your existing storage running with expert maintenance, parts replacements and additions, such as shelves, drives, and more. IT Support (ITS) is there for sticky issues that come up.

Second, if you need to upgrade to a newer controller, check out our transferable licensed filer program. It may take a couple of weeks to get them, if they aren’t in our US warehouse, but that’s nothing when compared to those OEM months of delay.

Third, Try something new. The Next Generation Copy on Write File System is available now! Zerowait’s SimplStor Z (ZFS)–On-Premise, VM, and AWS cloud. It’s everything that you love about your NetApp without the high prices, outrageous license fees and the long wait times. Plus, Zerowait SimplStor Z includes easy Active Directory integration and simple data migrations from NetApp, EMC, and other OEMs.

Whether you need EOL NetApp service and support, transferable licensed filer upgrades, or a totally new storage solution, Zerowait has a life-saving option for you!

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