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I don’t think anyone has a crystal ball that will provide a road map of how to navigate the roadblocks being erected so suddenly and seemingly everywhere. War, economic sanctions, and other efforts will likely hinder the free trade of equipment and data over the next few months. Most of our customers are big believers in on-premise storage solutions, with a good backup in a remote location. But if your data center is suddenly offline because of kinetic or economic actions that means your backups might be unavailable. When your options are unclear, and the future is more unpredictable than usual, Zerowait can provide data storage and management solutions to keep you running.

Our NetApp customers are telling us they are receiving delayed delivery notifications on new systems they ordered, and Cisco switches are backordered until the fourth quarter and beyond. This is creating havoc with their infrastructure upgrade plans. To alleviate these issues, we have been quoting an increasing number of additional storage shelves and transferable licensed filers to customers.

Additionally, due to the lack of experienced storage engineers our technical support team is helping an increasing number of customers with NetApp system management, upgrades, and migrations. Zerowait has been providing extended maintenance for NetApp filers for over 20 years: we know how to help our customers get the most from their Filers.

It is a strange time. Only a few months ago we had customers telling us that they wanted us to create an AWS AMI so they could use our SimplStor Z (ZFS) as a cloud storage destination. Over the last week, the emphasis of the conversation is back to using our SimplStor Z as an easily deployed on-premise storage solution because it is affordable and has a relative short lead-time when compared to new NetApp. Zerowait’s SimplStor line of equipment is available with Windows, XFS and ZFS file systems and can be custom-configured for your storage needs. If you need a storage solution Zerowait has the answer.

As a technical services company in an uncertain economy, Zerowait is helping our customers reallocate their resources to get more value out of the equipment, stretch their limited budgets, and get through these tough times with smaller staffs than they would like to have. If you have a storage problem that requires equipment your OEM can’t supply, or expertise in an area that your staff is unfamiliar with give us a call.

If you have storage questions, Zerowait has the answers. Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at


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