The IT Inflation Hurricane


If you manage a data infrastructure you are juggling price increases, limited availability and manpower shortages. You know that prices are going up and lead times are being extended, but you can’t tell which issue will affect your QoS until you begin to place orders for the equipment. Many companies in this position rightly decide that, if the new upgrades are not available from their OEM at a price that fits within their budget, they will just continue to use their current equipment and skip this upgrade cycle. It makes sense to hunker down in hard times, and Zerowait can provide you the hardware, service and support solutions that keep your current equipment running until the storm passes.

We have been supporting NetApp equipment for over 20 years, and have developed a full-featured array of engineering, monitoring and support solutions for companies of all sizes. From extended maintenance to disk drives to transferable licensed filers, we have the solutions to your problems.

If you are tired of OEM mandates and forced obsolescence, Zerowait’s SimplStor line of storage servers have been embraced by companies that need a semi custom hardware solution that can run ZFS, XFS and windows, and can be delivered rapidly.

The winds are strong, but Zerowait has the answers. Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at


Over 20 years providing NetApp Service and Support 

Affordable NetApp Monitoring!

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