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Things That Just Keep Working

We’re all familiar with products that just keep ticking: Timex® watches, the Energizer® Bunny…NetApp® filers. Founded in 1992–only a couple of years after Zerowait® (1989)—NetApp has a well-earned reputation for high quality networked data storage products. As with Timex and Energizer, the engineering is superb, the features are rich, and the hardware runs seemingly forever.

It’s one of the reasons that Zerowait found its niche in long-term support of NetApp’s EOS/EOL equipment. Although most of our customers have systems less than 10 years old, we have an astonishing number of 15+ year-old systems currently covered under our Zerowait Parts Assurance (ZPA).

It’s our pleasure to help keep them going! If you have a legacy filer (FAS, V, or AFF) that’s been abandoned by NetApp, but is still your workhorse, let us know how we can help you maintain it for a good, healthy, long time!

To keep your filers going, please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at


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