Sunset for “Magic Quadrant” Storage?

Sunset for Magic Quadrant Storage
The Enterprise Storage business is in a transition similar to the Sun Solaris / Open Source Linux transition a little more than a decade ago. NetApp’s recent layoffs may indicate that locked-in customers are looking at other solutions for their hardware and support solutions. I don’t think customers expect that their vendor’s layoffs will improve the service, support and engineering that they receive.

We’ve been in this business niche for over 30 years, and we have seen this cycle before. We have heard the marketing hype and seen great companies collapse when their “magic quadrant “solutions were overtaken by a new technology that was easier, simpler, and more affordable. A growing number of proprietary storage customers are trading in their EOL “magic quadrant” hardware for open-sourced solutions. Our SimplStor with Linux and ZFS provides data management features and reliability like NetApp, without the EOL, proprietary software and costly yearly software support contracts.

On the other hand, nothing says you have to change your storage now if it’s working! If you have NetApp filers and want to keep them going beyond mandated EOL dates, we can help. Whether you want to extend their life cycle or keep them running for a few months while you do a transition Zerowait’s service and support is a flexible alternative.

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