On Sunday, I had lunch with Zerowait’s first customer. We still do work for them and
we had to get together to discuss a project we are working on for them. We have been working with this customer for 16 years on various types of projects. The company has recommended us to various other companies over the years, and we have picked up projects here and there from their recommendations. In addition to business, we talked about our parents, and our families and what we are doing for the summer holidays. Over the years we have met each other friends, and it seems that everyone knows everyone else now, so when we work on a project together we can trust that everyone will do what is expected, and we make sure the deliverable is as described in our discussions. There are clear economic benefits to this relationship for everyone because of the trust we built up over time.

As a private company, Zerowait does not have to meet Quarterly numbers for analysts, we have to make our customers happy year in and year out. Of course, we do have to make money. It seems like a large part of a successful business formula is to make your customers happy and be a reliable resource and they will recommend you to other customers. Everyone at Zerowait understands that we can’t win every deal, but we all try our hardest to provide our customers with the best quality, prices, service and support that we can. Two large NetApp upgrade shipments on Tuesday went to customers recommended by other customers. We certainly appreciate your kind words and recommendations. THANK YOU!

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