Email Compliance Conversation

I received a call from a customer who was worried about regulatory compliance for his email. He had looked into a solution and was suffering sticker shock from the price quote he received. I asked him how many email accounts he had, and whether he was running a spam filter or not. I told him ” Spam storage costs money” and told him we use a Barracuda to eat our spam. We like it so much we sell the product now. I asked him how many terrabytes of email storage he had and he was not certain. This concerned him as he did not know how big his problem was, or how fast it was growing. I asked him if he wanted us to provide tape back up, or disk to disk at our remote location. He said that the recent tape loss events are quite scary. “No Problem” I said, ” what we will do is create a three leg email solution. Primary email is at your location, followed by a copy to our location and then a back up to our remote site. No tape, all encrypted on spinning disk and no spam! ” I said. He said “You can do that! ” . I answered “Yes, when do you need it implemented.” Once we get his storage requirements figured out we will be able to provide him a monthly price which is exponentially cheaper then buying an in house solution.

Zerowait provides customized storage services for clients currently, and it is a growing part of our business. Often your must vexing storage problems are every day solutions we provide! Zerowait has the engineered solutions and we can solve your problems NOW.

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