Disaster Recovery or Disaster Prevention

There was a great article in search storage on the ten reasons DR plans fail recently, I suggest that you read it if you are concerned about your business continuity after a data loss event. Following the attacks on the Pentagon and the NY World Trade Center, Zerowait took actions to build what we termed our Disaster Prevention Strategy. The Project took us about 1 year to completely implement but was relatively inexpensive and has proven itself in all of our tests. What we did was to build a VPN between all of our remote offices and our HQ in Newark, DE . Then we extended the VPN to a Colo Center about 10 miles away at Serveon. We placed duplicate storage there, and servers including a mail server. Since all of our data is kept on transferable licensed NetApp Filers it is quite simple to move data between the filers.

Is it a perfect solution, of course not. But if all power and Internet Connectivity goes out in Newark, DE. we are ready. Our tests have proven that we can be up and running within a few hours from our home offices and our remote site. Our NetApp storage infrastructure helps us streamline our Disaster Prevention strategy, but it was only part our High Availability strategy.

At Zerowait we believe in High Availability. If you are concerned about your Disaster Recovery plan’s reliability, please give us a call. I am certain that we can help you build a High Availability Disaster Prevention Strategy that is cost effective and reliable.

In case you did not know, Zerowait provides affordable service, support and upgrades for NetApp equipment. We have an enourmous stock of transfrable licensed units from which you can build an affordable high availability NetApp storage infrastructure.

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