Storage Pool & Islands of Storage

No matter how you look at it, when you have a storage problem all of your storageseems to be in one place. One data center, One storage system, One back up, and if is not up and running you have got One big problem.

Is your storage easy to access?
Is the storage performance acceptable to your average user?
Can you add more and fatter pipes to improve performance?
Is your storage pool filled with files that never get accessed?
Is the pool filled with empty storage disks that never get used?
How much does it cost to keep unused storage running?
How much does it cost to run a storage pool that can’t be accessed?
How much is your maintenance and support costing per TB of storage?

Zerowait can help you answer these questions, so you can provide cost effective storage solutions to your user base. Zerowait Specializes in providing an affordable alternative to NetApp for service, support and upgrades.

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