“Many persons have an idea that one cannot be in business and lead an upright life, whereas the truth is that no one succeeds in business to any great extent, who misleads or misrepresents” John Wanamaker

Zerowait has built a business on supporting NetApp’s customers with an affordable alternative to their overpriced service, support and upgrade pricing. Often our customers can purchase the identical parts from us for 50% of what NetApp charges.

On Service and Support, former NetApp customers are saving thousands of dollars every year with our hardware maintenance contracts. Yesterday, we had a fellow come in who wants to work with us on developing our South American sales. He had heard about us through various contacts of his, he thinks that we should work on growing our business there. It is an interesting opportunity and one that we are now discussing internally. We currently do about 20 % of our business in Europe and Asia. But we have only a few customers in South America.

Developing a parts depot, and service and support facility in South America is an interesting idea. We had discussed opening up a European operation over the past couple of years, which based on our customer demand makes some sense. But now there is another growth opportunity to investigate.

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