More Data More Beer

Last week Dave Hitz blogged about a NetApp customer that pointed out that without their Data there woluld be no beer flowing. And that would be bad . You can read his blog here.

Zerowait is around the corner from the Iron Hill Brewery. After a succesful implementation for a customer we often go there to celebrate another High Availability NetApp storage installation. It really is a great place to go, the food is delicious and the variety of beers is fantastic. This week they have a Russian Imperial Stout on Special. It’s Great! However, I usually order the Porter. Talking about Data OnTap while drinking a fresh micro brew is a time honored tradition. When I am in Palo Alto, CA. I usually have a gathering of customers at the Gorden Biersch Brewery. And when I am in Boston and Cambridge Massachussets we often get together with customers at the Cambridge Brewery near Kendall Square. When I am in Boulder visiting customers we go to the Brewery downtown to get together. I wonder how the close relationship developed between succesful storage installations and Micro Brew Beer? During the week of October 17 I will be visitng with customers in Chicago, I wonder which brewery we will gather at?

As many of you know, who have visited us in our offices, Newark , DE is a small university town. But there are a lot of good taverns, bars and restaurants in town. If you are traveling between New York and Washington DC, and trying to control your NetApp storage upgrade or support costs give us a call, we are just off I 95. Talking about NetApp and Beer go well together, maybe that is why they call it Data OnTap?.

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