Oops… Hey, That is a good idea!

The other night I was having dinner with a fellow who works for an Intel subsidiary and we were talking about how Zerowait continues to grow in this wavering economy. I told him that I am willing to try things that make sense; sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t, but we always try to learn from our mistakes. I told him that we listen to our customers and if something sounds like a good idea we will discuss it within the company to see if it makes sense to give it a try.

Oscar Wilde famously said that “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”, and that is one way to look at trying new things and burning new synapses. Over the last two decades we have tried many things to build our business into the international business it is today. I can assure you that not everything has gone smoothly, but our goal has always been to provide increasingly better service to our customers as we fulfill their technical service requirements. John Wooden is remembered for saying “If you are not making mistakes, then you are not doing anything.” I have to admit that I make mistakes, just like everyone else. From personal experience I have learned that it is better to recognize the mistake and correct it right away. As a business owner, I have learned that mistakes often lead to inspiration and creative solutions. Therefore, mistakes can create the nexus of an idea for a new product or service for our customers. And our growing customer base seems to want us to continue to try new things which will ultimately provide them even better and unforeseen products and services.

At Zerowait, our staff recognizes that we can learn from our mistakes; therefore we admit them, document them and laugh and learn from them so the company can do better in the future. We’ve built a global business because together we are willing to try new things, and we take the approach that even when they don’t work, it’s better  to try and fail than to remain stuck in the status quo. The market is constantly evolving – are you?

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