Great Racing


Last weekend I went to the Reno Air Races and met a few friends and customers who are interested in this niche of racing.  It was great weekend of air racing and Strega won the unlimited category.  Strega is the white plane going by in the video .

Strega has been dominating the niche of unlimited air racing for a few years, and their team deserves a lot of credit for the dedication they put into keeping the aircraft competitive. After all, there is not a lot of money to be won and Unlimited Air Racing has a very small following.

This is where the Strega team and Zerowait have a little in common. Outstanding service and support for storage networking equipment is also a niche market.The Zerowait team is dedicated to providing the absolutely best service and support that we possibly can to our customers. And our customers continue to tell us that we provide them the best service service and support . Our  engineering and support staff understands our niche better than our competition, and it helps our customers remain competitive in their markets.

Every organization has to have a competitive edge  and the dedication to keep its customers satisfied. the Strega team has a great pilot, and a great team of mechanics and engineers  that are dedicated to keep it winning.  Racing and winning at Reno  takes extraordinary efforts.

Congratulations Strega team, and thank you to the Reno Air Racing Association for putting on an outstanding event.

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