The Secret to a successful migration from NetApp

Every year it seems more NetApp customers come to Zerowait for affordable support while they look for alternative storage solutions for their data. For CIFS users finding NetApp cDOT a bridge too far, for example, we often recommend a Windows Server R2 SimplStor solution. But then the questions come up: What do we do about support on our filers during the transition? They’ll no longer be on NetApp support! And how do we move the data safely and securely? What happens to the equipment when we decommission it?

It’s true that migrations can be tough, but our three-stage data migration framework, described below, streamlines the process and ensures that production data is available with minimal downtime and support is available throughout.

The first stage is continuity of support on the existing NetApp equipment. If NetApp support is unavailable (EOS) or unaffordable, a Zerowait Parts Assurance (ZPA) policy can fill that requirement for as long as you need it. The ZPA offers enterprise level technical support with NBD parts replacement. In addition, if you want our help in planning, administering or performing the actual migration we can help under one of our flexible Incidental Technical Services (ITS) plans. Our engineers have worked with many customers on migrations and stand ready to support your team’s efforts and help you ensure that your data is transferred safely.

Once the data is transferred successfully to the SimplStor server (the second stage of the process), we follow up with stage three: sanitization and redeployment or removal of your legacy NetApp equipment.

Under this simple framework there is no rush to migrate your data before OEM support runs out. The days of vendor-induced completion dates are gone; Zerowait can support your NetApp legacy equipment for as long as you need.

As our NetApp support business has grown over the past 15 years, we have listened to our customers and in response have developed an array of products and services. Our NetApp migration offering is one of these. How can we help YOU get the most from your IT budget?

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