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Since we started working with NetApp in the 1990’s we have helped a lot of our customers migrate data to and from their Filers. Scheduling sufficient time for the migration has often been a problem for our customers, and there are a few ways that we can help streamline the process for our customers when they are migrating to or from a NetApp  Filer.

Recently, as customers have been upgrading to cDot, we have been provisioning and providing a short-term rental of ‘Swing Gear’ for our customers who have been migrating from 7 mode to cDot. By working with our engineering team our customers can save significant time by having our team set things up ahead of time. Zerowait’s   Swing Gear provides an affordable and flexible solution for customers about to undertake a cDot upgrade. And we can save you a lot of preparation time, because our Swing gear can be delivered when you need it, and ready to go.

Many of our long term NetApp support customers have decided to get off the NetApp train at the  cDot stop. A growing number  of these customers have decided to switch to our SimplStor solutions for their storage because they like our service, support and price points.  For these customers, we have several solutions available which can save considerable time for your data migration. The time required depends on the protocols and complexity, but working with a vendor that has experience with both the Source data systems and the Destination data systems has many advantages. If you are looking to migrate away from your NetApp equipment and to our SimplStor platform, a trade in and migration solution can solve a lot of your problems and reduce your costs.

At some point every organization needs to migrate their data and need to find a solution that will have the least cost in time and money on their operations.  A conversation with our sales or engineering staff Zerowait will  help you save time and money by taking advantage of our  pre-configuring Swing gear and NetApp Filer trade in programs.

Please give us a call at 302.996.9408 or fill out this form  if you would like to discuss your migration options with our engineering team.

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