Storage Solutions for Uncertain Times

Every week we hear from our customers about about how inflation, supply chain issues, and layoffs, are forcing them to adjust their plans. Which track is your company going to take with its critical storage choices? Should you stay on the track you are on? Can you migrate to a new track? The effects of the recession and international relations will affect either track you take.

Zerowait has been riding the rails of business for over 30 years. Based on our experience we are able to confidently provide our customers with actionable, affordable routes to take.  If you need technical support, help with administration and migrations, or additional hardware to manage your  growing storage needs. Zerowait has the answers!

Over the last couple of years Zerowait invested in our monitoring systems, support staff, improved our SimplStor custom storage hardware, and increased our sales of NetApp hardware and support.  Zerowait’s NetApp storage support services, transferable licensed filers, and SimplStor   storage solutions  enable you to  control your infrastructure and budget challenges in the current recession and beyond.

Its decision time, which track are you going to take? We look forward to talking with you.

Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at

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