Preparing for the Coming Storm?


Storage grows in good times and bad. Zerowait is a countercyclical company, and when enterprise storage customers want to economize, we see increased business for our services and custom-built storage solutions. Over the last month we have been very busy with several new SimplStor ZFS orders and a quite a few new service and support agreements for legacy NetApp equipment.

You don’t need an economics degree to see the trendlines. GDP in all sectors doesn’t look good. Inflation, layoffs, supply chain issues, and energy availability issues are affecting productivity. Business is going to get more difficult, and budgets are going to tighten in the next few months.

Most of our hardware ships by FedEx and UPS and there have been some SNAFUs in their deliveries over the last few months. Our SimplStor hardware supply chain consists of several vendors and while there have been spotty issues in getting certain components, we have been able to stock up on things that are in short supply and have had only minor delays.

If you have reached an inflection point and need to make a decision about supporting your EOS NetApp systems, or are seeking an alternative on-prem, affordable storage solution, Zerowait can help.

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