Is There A Turkey In Your Data Center?

I have been told that our Thanksgiving dinner is going to be more expensive this year, because of the cost increases in turkey, yams, and pumpkin pies. Coincidentally, I heard that during the fourth quarter we will see a wave of vendor mandated forced EOS / EOL upgrades, exploding cloud storage costs, and new data storage hardware cost increases. With an uncertain future it is imperative that you get control of your turkey and storage costs–and Zerowait has the answers you need!

I like Spam, but don’t consider it to be an acceptable substitute for the turkey in my Thanksgiving dinner. Similarly, I don’t think many of our customers would consider buying NetApp parts from Craigslist as an acceptable solution for their legacy NetApp. Zerowait has a recipe for successful NetApp support that we have been improving upon for over for well over 20 years. If you have NetApp equipment, then Zerowait has the support solutions that you need.

Some of my friends like to outsource Thanksgiving dinner to restaurants or other food colo-centers or Dinner Service Providers (DSP). I have found that the costs of outsourcing Thanksgiving dinner can be significant, and that quality control can waver. Plus, outsourcing storage and engineering can have significant costs, and often the vendor does not understand the nuances that are involved with serving data consistently, on time and within budget. Zerowait has a range of data storage solutions on our menu–from NetApp transferable licensed filers to our own SimplStor line available in ZFS, XFS and Windows.

A good Thanksgiving dinner usually ends with some great pie choices. I enjoy Pumpkin pie, Pecan Pie, and Apple pie. It is often hard to choose among them and I may take a bit of each. Zerowait offers hardware solutions, technical support and hardware replacement policies and many of our customers order a combination of all three.

Above all, Thanksgiving dinner is best when it can be enjoyed with family and good friends. Zerowait has been working with many of our customers for over two decades, and many have become good friends. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope that we can catch up soon to discuss how we can help you set the table for a successful storage solution.

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