Santa Needs Storage Too!


Like Santa’s bag, data storage expands fast at times, and getting it where it needs to go can be tough! Users expect instant access to even infrequently used data, which increases complexity and costs. Zerowait has affordable solutions that fit in today’s business climate.

Our large stock of NetApp storage shelves and drives can provide an affordable increase to your current NetApp storage infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if your system is end-of-life (EOL), end-of-support (EOS) or under current NetApp support. We have storage solutions that will make your boss happy this holiday season.

Over the last two decades we have helped many clients with their data migrations, even when they occur over the holiday season. Zerowait’s data migration recipes have allowed our clients to enjoy the holidays with family, instead of eating cold pizza while working through the night at a data center. If you need technical support or maintenance, Zerowait has experienced and knowledgeable staff to help get the job done right.

Some of our long-term clients have been comparing the cost and convenience of outsourcing and/or cloud to on-prem data storage. In today’s connected world there is a balance: while some data can be outsourced or stored in a shared cloud environment, for security or Intellectual property reasons some data should be kept “in-house”. Our SimplStor product line consists of customizable data storage solutions in a variety of flavors. Whether your preference is ZFS, XFS or Windows, the result is a reliable on-prem storage solution without the hassles or security risks involved with giving your data to someone else to store and manage.

If you’re looking for storage solutions that solve problems, and provide the reliability you need without breaking your budget…Zerowait has the Answers.

Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at

Happy Holidays to All!

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